Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Is the GOP DOA?

Thanks to Karl C. Priest for letting us post his article, which was recently published in the Charleston Gazette Newspaper on November 9, 2008. He expresses in his article my belief as to why Barack Obama won the election and why any true believer in Jesus Christ, who voted for Obama, made a terrible mistake. K.C. identifies our rotted educational system as a major cause of the elevation of and election of Obama.

November 9, 2008

Conservatives need to wake up and smell something besides the coffee - and the odor is not going to be pleasant. The stench of death is emanating from the Republicrat Party.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Conservatives need to wake up and smell something besides the coffee - and the odor is not going to be pleasant. The stench of death is emanating from the Republicrat Party.

The death of the Republicrat Party began after Reagan, but was delayed when the Demoncrats stupidly nominated John Kerry in 2004. George W. Bush would not have been re-elected had not military veterans (especially Vietnam-era vets) determined to block a man they perceived as a traitor. Bush did what Demoncrats lie about doing - he tried to compromise. For Demoncrats, compromise only occurs when they lack power and convince foolish Republicrats to abandon conservative convictions. Except for minimal pro-life actions, Bush is a typical Republicrat.

Any Christian is guilty of sinning if they voted for Obama, Rockefeller or any politician who supports the murder of pre-born children. Although the voters may not hold the instrument that kills the child, they are guilty of providing the means for the slaughter to occur. Abortion is breaking the sixth commandment. The death caused by abortion stinks!

For the sake of born and pre-born children it is time for Christians and non-Christian conservatives to abandon the Republicrat party and let it die the painful death it has brought on itself. Don't rush to Limbaugh for a strategy to prop up the Republicrat corpse.

The first place to look is a brand-new party that is free from the fake conservatism spouted by Republicrats. America's Independent Party (selfgovernment.us) has some potential. Anyone wanting some fresh air should watch that party grow after springing to life a few months ago.

Putting aside any biblical reference to the end times, it is absolutely amazing that Americans would elect the likes of Barack Obama. Black folks have sold their souls to the Demoncrats and lost an opportunity to help stop the slippery-slope slide of America into its grave. It is understandable (not forgivable) that a black vote for Obama was based upon race. What is appalling is that non-blacks (guilt-ridden or not) could not perceive that (half black) Obama is a superficial savior.
The votes that launched an Obama nation were based upon ignorance largely instilled by government schools.

The only hope, for people of all hues, is to overcome the brainwashing perpetuated by government schools and raise a generation of young people who understand American history and can think logically and independently. That can only be done in home and Christian schools.

If it is not done, beginning immediately, the death knell will soon sound for America as a nation.

Priest, of Poca, is a retired teacher and state coordinator of Exodus Mandate-West Virginia, a group that promotes Christian education and home schooling.

K.C. may be right in looking to an alternative to either the Republican or Democratic Parties beyond 2008. The GOP is run by "moderate" elitists (as opposed to radical leftist elitists who steer the Democratic Party) who care little about foundational conservative, Christian or American values or principles, all upon which this nation was founded.


  1. Anonymous8:33 AM

    Death from War stinks.

  2. Anon 8:33

    Death through Jimmy Carter appeasement stinks even worse.