Monday, November 10, 2008

Three U.S. Senate Seats Still Up in the Air

According to the National Republican Senate Committee ( there are three Senate races which still have yet to be decided:

...Georgia's Senate race is headed for a December 2nd runoff. Read's story posted yesterday (Sunday), "Georgia Senate Race Key to Stopping Obama Agenda."

...Minnesota's Senate race (the race angry, liberal Al Franken is trying to win) is headed for a costly recount. Norm Coleman is leading, but Franken's lawyers are already crying foul.

...Votes are still being counted in Alaska.

The liberals are mobilizing an army of lawyers in Minnesota and Alaska to try to steal these seats they could not win outright on Election Day. And is sure to add to the $217,741 they raised to help elect a Barack Obama rubber stamp.

It should be very interesting to see if the GOP can keep all of these seats, which they desperately need.

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  1. Who cares if a A Roe v Wade supporting embezzeller like Ted Stevens loses in Alaska? He is probably more liberal than Belich anyway. I am surprised that Bob Bird didn't get more votes. Even the Alaska Right to Life endorsed him.