Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Presumptious One

Measuring the drapes in the White House. Preparing his transition team. Having an elitist, wiser-than-thou attitude. Pompous, arrogant and in bed with the mainstream media, who act as his marketing and public relations department. Funding ACORN for insurance purposes.
Since the '60s we have been moving away from God and moving toward godless secular humanistic socialism. Barack Hussein Obama may be the capstone on that tragic shift or drift leftward.
An Obama presidency promises unfettered abortions (pushing, passing and signing the Freedom of Choice Act or FOCA, which will undermine decades work of pro-life advocates ) and special privileges for homosexuals and lesbians and assorted so-called alternative lifestyles (pushing, passing and signing into law the Employer NonDiscrimination Act ENDA and various hate crime legislation) and even same-sex marriage (he promises to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act DOMA.)

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