Friday, November 14, 2008

Mitch Albom Rants About Sarah Palin

Why Does He Despise Her So?

Do you ever find yourself listening to someone on the radio or TV that irritates or galls you so much you just want to scream or do something? Well that happened to me this week and I had to sit down and write this post. I do not normally listen to Mitch Albom whose show is on between 5-7 PM. However, I occasionally do listen to the nationally syndicated Sean Hannity and Mark Levin radio shows on WJR-Radio, which precedes and follow Albom’s show on that Detroit station. I never knew this Albom guy to be such leftward leaning liberal. I posted the following on Albom’s comment line on the WJR’s website, and I do feel better now!

On two different occasions this week I happened to randomly tune into WJR-radio’s Mitch Albom Radio Show. [Who is Albom? Besides being a drive time talk show host on depressed Detroit’s airwaves he is an author of at least two books, a journalist, and a sports talk show host, as well. A talented guy, there is no doubt. ] But this bird (turkey, might best describe him, in keeping with the upcoming Thanksgiving season seemed most apropos) really dislikes Sarah Palin something fierce. He ripped her non-stopped with a real hatred seething in his high pitched annoying voice. He criticized her speaking ability, saying that she could not speak in complete sentences, that she needed more education, that she had no experience, and that she was not prepared for the office of Vice President. Essentially, he did not see any redeeming quality in this woman. In other words he basically was stating she was an empty skirt.

Well, Mitch, old boy what about Barack Obama, Premier-elect who cannot speak without a teleprompter? What about this man who would not be where he is today if the journalists like yourself and the main stream media of which you are on sore example would have done their jobs and taken him to task to ½ of the degree you did Sarah Palin or Joe the Plumber? Unfortunately this man, Obama, is severely deficient of executive experience, judgment and is ill prepared for the high office he will assume on January 20th of next year.

Why do I get the feeling Mitch, old boy, that you want to ride the Obama wave and want to ingratiate yourself to the far left liberal hoards there in Michigan? To get interviews? To get invited to all the fashionable, hip parties? You are a sickening example of the worthless mainstream media so devoid of fairness and balance.

I hope you enjoy getting the many kudos from your fellow elitists and get a lot of interviews with Obama and his comrades-in-harm as they pillage and rape America during the next few years.

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