Thursday, November 13, 2008

Is Obama Our Mama? The Enhancement of the Nanny State


I don't want any of you to worry about the election - the good news is that many of your economic worries will soon be taken away... just watch:

So I can’t wait till Obama gets elected. I think we need to start a nationwide movement and inundate the White House with mail to state something like the following:

Dear Mr. Obama,

I am so grateful you have been elected President –your promises to keep me in my house and keep gas in my car were the things that made me vote for you along with so many of our fellow comrades here in the United States. Enclosed you will find my monthly Mortgage and Gas statements, please remit the payment for them as soon as possible – I don’t want to see the Government get hit with any late fees – so please pay by the due dates. Of course if you want the payoff amount on my mortgage - I can get that for you - it will save the Govt (i.e. "rich" people) a lot of interest.

Your Bro in San Antone,

P.S. I’m so glad Aunt Zeituni Onyango got to cast her vote for you. That’s something I’m sure the Obama family will cherish for generations – be sure to have her frame her voting card as a family keepsake. If you need to hide her from INS for a while - just let me know. Wink wink.

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