Friday, November 14, 2008

The OBAMAgenda 2009-2012

Or, How to Destroy America in Four Years or Less

The following are some of the first immoral acts that the new American President will take as soon as he assumes power next January. The ghastly triumvirate of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and 'we gotta surrender' Harry Reid will surely try to push the following and more.


· Mexico Policy, which now prohibits federal funding of organizations that promote or perform abortions overseas will be reversed by Obama.

· Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) – Obama will do away with measures which health workers are trained to emphasize ABSTINENCE and MARITAL FIDELITY and, instead, will emphasize Planned Parenthood-style comprehensive sex education, condom distribution, etc.

· Ban on Federal Funding of Embryonic Stem Cell Research (ESCR) – Obama will undo President Bush’s restriction on limiting funding to a limited number of stem cell lines that were already in existence at the time of Bush’s order.

· Ban on any offshore & domestic oil/gas/nuclear/coal developmentObama in order to placate his radical environmentalist supporters will cave into their demands to prohibit new development of oil, oil refineries,clean coal or nuclear energy to the detriment of America as a whole. He will promote the foolish and industry-killing carbon credits in honor of Algore.


· "Freedom" of Choice Act (FOCA)Obama’s top priority. Obama promised the genocidal and heinous Planned Parenthood Federation of America that this horrific piece of killer legislation will be the first that this Marxist-Socialist will sign as President. If this loathsome act becomes law it would eliminate parental consent laws, waiting periods before abortions could be done, restrictions on the atrocious partial birth abortion procedure at both the state and federal levels.

· Employment Non Discrimination Law (ENDA)Obama is beholden to the same-sex activists groups like the misnamed Human Rights Campaign. This contentious law will unnecessarily and foolishly codify sexual orientation as a civil right protection in all employment. Various businesses will be forced to provide services, for which they will have to violate their conscience. For example, a caterer or photographer will be unable to refuse to serve a same-sex party or so-called civil “ceremony.” The ability to express one’s religious belief will be stifled.

· “Hate” Crimes Laws will make the homosexual, lesbians, etc. a special protected class deeming on them special protections above and beyond any other American, even helpless and defenseless children and the elderly. This will make saying or thinking ill of those who practice deviant behavior a crime. Preachers of Biblical truth will be subject to criminal action.

· Law of the Seas Treaty (LOST) Obama will yield American sovereignty to the worthless, diabolical United Nations

· Kyoto Treaty – Global warming crock will become the standard that will destroy more American jobs and industry.

· “Fairness” Doctrine – Obama will support any and all attempts to restrict conservative and Christian radio programming.

The list goes on and on and . . .


It is quite possible for President-elect Obama to appoint at least two Supreme Court Justices during the next four years. Connie Mattingly and Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council (FRC) on last week’s Washington Week in Review radio show stated that Obama has said that the Supreme Court is there to “correct injustice” or make policy or essentially make laws as opposed to being there to strictly interpret the constitution.

My reaction to all of this? It is a call to hold the line on the advancement of the radical socialist agenda and if necessary to recall or impeachment at the first chance possible this President . . .

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