Thursday, November 06, 2008

Why Barack Obama “Won” the Election

Here is my top 5 reasons why:

5. Obama’s message of “change”, though without substance, as well as his “not-a-Washington-Insider” status appealed to young people. It was also this same “new ideas” appeal that attracted many young people to Ron Paul. But he did not have nearly as much money and many young people, I’m afraid, shied away from Dr. Paul because of his strong stand against abortion, something that today’s generation is being brainwashed to accept.

4. The war in Iraq has become so unpopular. This has attracted a lot of independent “swing” voters. Some anti-war liberals have seen through Obama’s double speak on Iraq and voted for Nader, but most liberals remained brainwashed.

3. The financial crisis gave Obama a big jump in polls. People are blaming Republicans for this, and rightly so. But equally to blame, Obama got away with voting for the bailout, and was able to spin it as being only the Republican’s fault.

2. Many conservative, Huckabee voters stayed home because McCain talked out of both sides of his mouth on same-sex civil unions, opposed a Federal Marriage Amendment, and opposed a Human Life Amendment.

1. The majority of people in this country have absolutely no respect for God or any fear of His wrath and judgment. They think we can get away with abortion on demand, mandating homosexual tolerance, and theft.

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