Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Obama's Secrets to Success

Cartoon by Chuck Asay found on 11/5/08

Cartoon by Chuck Asay found on 11/5/08

I love this cartoon. A picture speaks a thousand words, literally and figuratively.

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  1. I've become convinced that the whole Born Alive Infants Protection Act thing was a calculated ploy to discredit us.

    What motive could he have for doing something so hideous, so heinous, so pointlessly evil? This man who left no paper trail, who never took a stand on anything, drew a line in the sand at infanticide and said, "This is something we must protect."

    Why? He didn't need to do it to get the endorsement of the abortion lobby. So why?

    Because it was so hideous, so heinous, so pointlessly evil that none of his supporters would ever be able to believe it of him.

    So, when we called him on it, he simply dismissed the truth as something so outrageous as to be insulting, painting us as liars. And thus discrediting everything we pointed out about him. After all, these claims that he palled around with unrepentant terrorists, paid ACORN $800,000 to register the dead, embraced a hate-filled racist theology, and took illegal campaign contributions were coming from the same people who made the patently unbelievable claim that he supported infanticide.

    Presto! Turn the truth into the appearance of lies!

    Satan, the Father of Lies, trained this young disciple well, to the point where truth appears as lies merely because it's spoken against Obama.

    It was a smooth move.