Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Same-Sex ‘Tolerance’ on Display

In response to the vote of the majority of voters in California on Proposition 8, the amendment that protects and preserves traditional one-man, one-woman marriage, same-sex protesters across this nation decried the legitimate result. The people of California were joined by voters in both Arizona and Florida as well as 27 previous states, who took action to quell the slide to civilization destroying culture change.

Unable or unwilling to accept the will of the people, same-sex activists called for protests in many cities this past Saturday. These selfish self-absorbed narcissists cannot take “no” for an answer. Additionally, they cannot handle the truth. Here are two examples of the demonstrated intolerance of those same people who demand tolerance of their own perverted, unnatural, unhealthy and abnormal behaviors. In the first incident same-sex advocates harrass and try to intimidate an elderly woman and the reporter trying to interviewer her.

In the first video you see an anti Proposition 8 mob in Palm Springs swarming an elderly woman, ripping a cross out of her hand, and then stomping on it. What is most amazing about this video is the idiotic summation of what happened by KPSP TV anchorman, Kris Long. Here is a report about the story and video, "Anti Prop 8 Mob Swarms Elderly Lady: TV Anchor Proclaims 'Hate on Both Sides'." Video footage from KPSP TV.

Palm Springs, California

In the second video, below, AmericansForTruth.com posted this story and video on their site a few days ago, “H8ing’ the Christians: Video Shows Aftermath of Homosexual Mob Attack on Christians in San Francisco’s Castro District

San Francisco. California

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