Saturday, November 01, 2008

Does Christian America Respect Life Anymore?

". . . without Respect for Life, what is there left to respect?"

- - - Bishop Richard Lennon, Diocese of Cleveland

Protecting and preserving life is real moral and ecumenical issue, because abortion stops beating hearts. Hear their cry, America! So called Catholics or "Christians" like Barack Hussein Obama, or Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi claim to be followers of Christ. They claim up and down to be "for the least of these," but by their actions, their votes and their platforms demostrate something very different.

Here is an email I received from the North East Ohio Value Voters today:

"Cleveland Catholic Bishop Richard Lennon issued a statement today
aimed at clarifying the USCCB document Faithful Citizenship and dispelling the errant thinking that has resulted in some from its faulty presentation:

""I am concerned about many things that are being said about the teaching of the bishops. From listening to many good and sincere people who are preparing to fulfill their duty to vote as Catholics and citizens, I realize they are confused in light of what is being said by certain people. For example, we hear from some that the issues and concerns raised in Faithful Citizenship are all equally important as they all impact human life. This is not at all what Faithful Citizenship taught" (emphasis added).

"Bishop Lennon goes on to differentiate between issues which involve intrinsically evil actions, which "must always be rejected and opposed and must never be supported or condoned," and what he terms "life-enhancing issues" which "only matter if human life itself is a value of fundamental priority and is always protected. If human life is expendable, then these other issues really lose much of their significance."

""Certainly, abortion and euthanasia, direct attacks on human life, stand out as intrinsically evil actions," states the bishop. "(The Church's) teaching on intrinsically evil actions admits of no exception or compromise."

""(The) teaching of the bishops on immigration (and) other life-enhancing issues . . . fundamentally differs from that on abortion and euthanasia. The teaching on abortion and euthanasia are based on "God's truth" regarding the dignity and sacredness of all human life," he emphasizes. As such, these issues are "essential and foundational and can never be compromised."The statement concludes with a directive for all Catholics who are preparing for Election Day to be guided by this teaching, "for without Respect for Life, what is there left to respect?"

"Cleveland Right to Life is sincerely grateful to Bishop Lennon for the pastoral concern he has shown his flock in issuing this statement. With this definitive guidance from the bishop, who alone has the authority to teach the mind of the Church within his diocese, all conflicting theories regarding Faithful Citizenship can be thrown away. Where a candidate stands on the fundamental Life issues of abortion and euthanasia cannot be glossed over by his relative position on other, lesser points. Every Catholic is called to place these Life issues in their proper place as the most essential of all voting considerations -- and not to compromise."

Evangelical Protestants and their Preachers would do well to follow the Bishop’s counsel on this matter.


  1. If Barack Obama takes power, the only check on him and the damaging Democratic agenda will be Republican members of the Senate.

    I urge all pro-life voters to vote for Republican candidates for House and Senate.

  2. Joe -

    Thank you for your comment. I could not agree with you more.

    The one thing I might add is that we should support conservative and godly men and women, not just Republicans. Republicans like Olympia Snow & Arlen Specter etc are worse than some Democrats. They are RINOs and more obstacles than they help the conservative, Christian cause . . .

  3. Almost the entire Senate is totally corrupt, both the Republicans and Democrats. This was inevitable with the passage of the 17th amendment (which was illegitimate).