Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Giving Thanks in 2008

Cartoon by Chuck Asay found on 11/25/08

We Americans have much for which to be thankful despite

. . . A Potentially Ominous Obama Marxist-Based Presidency

. . . A Faltering and Worsening Economy With No Solutions in Sight

. . . Adopting the Fallacious Global Warming Hoax and all its Lame Carbon Foot Prints and So-Called Incredulous Carbon Credits

. . . Lethargic, Apathetic Pastors and True Believers in Jesus Christ

. . . The Expansion of America's Abortion Atrocity

. . . Looming Radical Same-Sex Agenda Advancement

. . . Continued Targeted Assaults on the Family and Marriage

. . . Amnesty for Illegal Aliens Just in the Offing

. . . The Advancement of Islam

. . . Western Acceptance and Appeasement of Islam and Its Radical Ideology

. . . On-going Indoctrination of School Aged Children in the Secular Humanist Creed

. . . Creation of a Civil Military Force to Control the Populace

. . . Deliberate Weakening of Our National Defense

. . . The Real Possibility that Christians and Conservatives will be Silenced Using the 'Fairness' Doctrine or Similar Strategy

. . . A Media More of a KGB-Type Propaganda Tool Than True Journalism

. . . America Agreeing to Sovereignty-Killing Treaties such as the Law of the Seas Treaty, Kyoto, etc.

. . . America's Growing Acceptance of All Sorts of Immorality . . .

Despite these trends and trials we will face between now and next Thanksgiving, God willing if He permits, we have the assurance that God is still very much in control. We know at his core man is an arrogant, selfish, and sinful rebel. We also have the promise that 'With God all things are possible." Even withstanding and persevering through an obstructive Obama reign of terror . . .

This is the core of the Thanks we give now and everyday, that no matter how bleak the future may appear today, we know Who holds the future. To God be all the glory and praise now and forever . . .
Happy Thanksgiving, All!

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