Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day Reminders . . . Part 2

Please remember to vote for ballot issues that will return some moral sanity back to this nation. In fact, there is an issue on the California ballot that transcends in importance even the election of the president, that is the Marriage Amendment or PROPOSITION 8. Defeat of that ballot initiative will send shock waves across this nation and mark the end of the United States of America.

Please also remember the miserable single digit approval rating of Congress - both the House and Senate, which is much less than that of the unpopular George Bush, we must send a message to the prima donna Nancy Pelosi and the 'Let's Surrender' Harry Reid and their Democratic and liberal comrades that enough is enough. They have had control of the congress for 2 years and have accomplished little - our borders are not secured, any domestic energy development is stalled, our schools continue to fail terribly, illegal aliens are ignored, drugs and pornography proliferate relatively unchecked, and President Bush's judicial nomination are tied up in the hopes of appointing more anti-American, activist judges that will further destroy our constitution and country. Yes we need change, but bring the right kind of change, bring conservative, Christian values back to America. Let's rid ourselves of the leftist liberals and the so-called moderate RINOs, who reject God, conservatism and its principles and therefore are totally ineffective. Yes we can. Yes we must. Yes we can change the make up of Congress.

Finally, Vote.

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