Saturday, November 22, 2008

Kenyan Ambassador on Obama Birthplace

Says Obama's Birthplace in Kenya "An Attraction . . . Already Well-Known."

Mombaso, Kenya: Birthplace of Barack Hussein Obama II

Here is some additional information which I came across today. See my previous article regarding President-elect Barack Obama's qualifications or lack thereof for president, "
Is Obama an Unqualified Usurper?" The following article was posted on November 21, 2008 on Free Thinker.

About twelve minutes into a Detroit radio station’s interview with Kenyan ambassador Peter Ogego, he is asked whether or not monuments will be erected in honor of Obama’s elevation to the United States presidency.

Ogego responds that a monument will be erected at Obama’s birthplace in Kenya, which is already a site of pilgrimage: “His birthplace is already an attraction…it’s already well known.

Kenyan grandmother has also asserted that he was born in Kenya, not the United States. The Constitution bars those born outside of US territory from becoming President.

“There are also lawsuits pending —
including one by Obama’s former Senate campaign opponent Alan Keyes — challenging Obama to provide proof of citizenship eligibility to take office. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has put this issue on the docket for the Court to review on December 5th.”

It sure seems to me that there definitely is some serious questions as to where in fact Obama was really born. It is serious. What is Obama thinking by not producing his birth certificate, if he has one? I guess that is a big IF, isn’t it?

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