Monday, November 03, 2008

Election 2008 Recommendations, Advice & Final Thoughts, Part 1 - The President

We are beginning a series of articles about tomorrow's election. We plan to look at the races for president, congressional races, ballot issues, and some resources that might help with a voter's choices.

Here are some of the candidates for President in tomorrow's election:

___ Bob Barr
___ Chuck Baldwin
___ John McCain
___ Ralph Nader
___ Barack Obama

_X_ None of the Above

Regrettably the two main political parties have not given true Christian conservatives a choice when it comes to the Office of President. Picking between McCain and Obama is like picking a slow acting poison bringing on a slow death, or selecting a quick-acting poison leading on immediate death. Both lead to continued decline and destruction. It is like picking a moderate socialist (McCain) over a radical socialist (Obama). Both would expand on making America more socialistic.

This election I quit choosing between the lesser of two evils, when voting for President. I did that in ’00 and ’04 and got George Bush. We still have abortion on demand. We have a greater deficit. We have an expanded government. We still have open and unsecured borders. We still have a failed educational system.

If Obama wins, I know he would insure a disaster on a number of fronts including a weakened national defense. He is an empty suit. If elected, he might be the last President of this once great nation.

If McCain does win it will be only because of Sarah Palin and because of Joe the plummer. If McCain wins, it will only be because the mainstream media failed to completely destroy Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumber. It will be because the public, when it has gotten a glimpse of the true elitist socialist character of Obama they will vote the lesser of two evils. McCain foolishly refuses to highlight Obama’s notorious associations and friends, which the mainstream media also abstains from doing so, choosing to attack Palin clothing and Joe the plumbers shortcomings. McCain, assuming he will complete his first term, will so destroy the conservative movement in the Republican Party that it will never recover.

I chose to write-in a candidate. It was either that or vote None of the Above.

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