Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Why Alan Keyes Questions Obama’s Presidency

Obama and Keyes, Wrong and Right, Respectively

I have been following and writing about Obama's doctored birth documents since August. Dr. Alan Keyes has recently sued California's Attorney General to prevent that state's electoral college delegates from voting for Obama on December 15th until such time that he proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is a naturally-born citizen of the United States of America. This naturally born citizenship is one of the requirements to qualify a person to be President. Because of President-elite's apparently fake Hawaiian certificate of live birth, which he is trying to persuade the public of its legitimacy, Keyes and others are rightfully questioning Obama'a citizenship.

Just today I
received a link to an important article posted on, which from the looks of it, is a magazine and website oriented toward black Americans. KC sent me the link. Cynthia Gordy wrote the article titled, “Alan Keyes Tells Us Why He Questions Obama's Presidency.” The article is mostly a series of question between “” and Ambassador Keyes involving the controversy brewing around Obama's true citizenship. Below is an excerpt from the article including two of the question asked of Dr. Keyes.

The Constitution requires that, to be president, one must be a natural born citizen of the United States. Conservative Alan Keyes-who ran against President-elect Barack Obama in the 2004 race for the Illinois Senate, and in the 2008 U.S. presidential campaign (Keyes ran on the American Independent Party ticket)-is challenging whether that is the case for our new president. In November, Keyes filed a lawsuit against Obama, the California secretary of state, and others, to stop California from giving its electoral votes to Obama until a birth certificate is produced proving that he is indeed a natural born citizen. talked to Keyes about where he thinks Obama was born, why he questions the birth records already provided, and if this whole lawsuit is just an overblown case of sour grapes.

ESSENCE.COM: What exactly do you want to accomplish with this lawsuit?

ALAN KEYES: I had read a little bit about the issues that were being raised about Obama back during the primary season. At first I thought, like a lot of people, "There's nothing to this. It's just a matter of fact. You can establish what the facts are." The Constitution specifies that a citizen who is naturalized, rather than born into the status of being an American citizen, cannot be president. That was done in the beginning because people feared a foreign takeover of the United States government by the process of immigration. Staid as it is, we again are in a situation where a lot of foreign entities have influence or control over U.S. policy.

“The reason an issue has been raised about Obama is because of the simple question, which can be answered with a birth certificate that shows he was born in the United States, or born to parents who had the capacity to transmit U.S. citizenship. When the question was asked, he danced around it. If the most important office of the federal government can be occupied by someone who is not qualified under the United States Constitution, that destroys the authority of the Constitution. I think it's something that needs to be dealt with in a clear, straightforward way. Eventually the case will get to the Supreme Court, establish the facts, and clear the air. It's really all very simple. . .

ESSENCE.COM: What's wrong with the birth certificate on his Web site?

KEYES: Part of the problem is, at the time he was born, the state of Hawaii was issuing certificates of live birth. That's what he has on the Web site. They would issue that certificate verifying you were born, but not necessarily in the United States. And there is question that, at the time that he was born, his mother was not yet of age to transmit citizenship. You had to be 19, I think. If he was born in Hawaii, then he is a natural born citizen. If he was born somewhere else-and a question has been raised if his birth was in Kenya-then his mother would not have transmitted citizenship. One needs to verify that the certificate vverifies the birthplace. . .”

Read the entire article here. This issue is not a political one. It is a constitutional issue. Obama must abide by the Constitution, not make up his own rules . . .


  1. Best explanation (following 2 you tube videos) I've seen for the total media blackout of what is the single greatest news event and domestic threat -- let's call it OBAMAGATE -- since the outbreak of the American Civil War and for the sincere prayers of the American people that the United States Supreme Court -- let's call it OUR LAST HOPE -- now to have the courage to save our great nation as we have come to know it:

  2. Ted -

    Excellent links - I watched them both this morning. Thanks.

  3. On Dec 5 the Supreme Court will either allow or disallow the usurpation of both the Constitution and the Government of the United States — easily the most pivotal decision since our nation’s founding — and the silence of the news media is deafening (if not downright scary).

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    Thanks for your link. Please see my latest post - - where I discuss the link that you just sent me.