Monday, November 03, 2008

Obama Unmasked

One of the conclusions of the book, Obama Unmasked, found on page 238 is, “By removing Obama’s mask and examining the real man beneath, we see a much different person than he presents to mainstream America.” The book discusses his Marxist, his Muslim, and the influence of Black Liberation Theology on his life.

The book concludes it last chapter (16) with these words, “Few books are written in hopes of being dispensable in just a couple months – this is one of those books. Our earnest desire is to see this book remaindered on November 5, 2008, because a man named Barrack Hussein Obama has been told by voters that he’s not ready for such an important job.” Though studying and writing about this man the last year or so, I certainly hope and pray that he will not be elected tomorrow. He would be worse President than Jimmy Carter.

The media has not permitted us to see the real Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. He has hidden much of his personal life especially his involvement with Islam while living and going to school in Indonesia and living with his Muslim step-father and atheistic mother. A radical communist served as his guide. He sat under and associated with radical professors and took drugs. He will not allow us to examine anything to do with his college years. We do not have access to his thesis.


An excerpt from page 211 of the book reveals his attitude on abortion:
"On the 35th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, many Americans are clearly invested in keeping abortion legal. But few Americans with conscience believe in killing of a baby beyond the moment of birth. Obama believes it . He is the most radically left-wing member of the Senate on the sanctify of life (issue)."
This apparent champion and hero of blacks is actually the most vehement support of black genocide. Blacks represent only 14% of the population, but account for 37% of the abortions in America. Some champion. A real chump, I'd say.

The authors on page 89 summarize the elite Obama’s view of middle-America.

“Plain fact is, Obama knows nothing of middle-America- he has never felt their pain, or their joys. He has never known their world, not even visited it outside of scheduled campaign stops . . . Through his actions he has revealed an underlying contempt for the heartland, and thus for the country itself, Sure, his speeches are full of pretty words about the promise of America, but his actions speak a different tune . . .”

I am afraid that the promises that he has made to the middle class in middle America are shallow, empty promises made by a politician desperately seeking power. His real intent is to destroy the middle class.


The book discusses Obama’s involvement with George Soros, Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, Michael Pfleger, Bernadine Dohrn, Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko among others including Marilyn Katz, who works on his campaign, The book addresses friends and associates on page 139.

"No candidate for office will have a squeaky clean list of friends and associates. That’s not a fair litmus test. But when that list is far from clean, with many unsavory characters past and present, it matters. For the truest measure of a man is his choice of friends with whom he can proudly stand shoulder to shoulder and not be forced to apologize."


The book speaks on page 150 to Obama’s racism:

“Like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson before him, Obama’s run at the Presidency is based more on the manipulation of white guilt than on substance. Sharpton and Jackon weren’t as smooth as Obama, but that kind of smoothness is only skin deep. In the end, is there any real difference between the three men?”
This is just but a brief glimpse of a book that the day after tomorrow will be out of date and irrelevant because someone other than Obama was elected President.

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