Friday, November 07, 2008

What Does Obama's Election Mean?

One Internet forum blogger in response to my article, "Election 2008 Aftermath, After the Disgust Settles," which I had posted there as well, wrote in essence that America was changing and American's positions on the issues are also changing. He implied that the people who voted for Barack Hussein Obama were in concurrence with his beliefs and positions.

Here was my response to that forum reader:

I am convinced that more people that voted for Obama were not aware of the man’s core beliefs, his voting record, his nefarious past associations and activities. Two cartoons capture the secret of Obama’s success in the election . . .

I do think that this country has been shifting leftward. But to a great extent it is primarily because of the effective and deliberate undermining of this nation fundamental values by the radical left, who have infiltrated many leadership position in academia, political parties, entertainment, media, the judiciary, etc. They have worked vigorously to change this nation. President elect Obama’s victory is the capstone on this leftward activism and movement.

He and is accomplices in the media have successfully persuaded, through outlandish promises, outright fraud and deceit that he will take from the haves and give to the have-nots. By doing so will solve all of America’s and the World’s, for that matter, suffering. What those same people will soon realize is that he will simultaneously be destroying many small and large businesses and America’s middle class, too.

Obama is a Marxist and Islamic sympathizer at his core. He and his campaign and the national media have effectively hidden the real Obama from the people. There is no mandate. He just persuaded more people to follow him. Enough people were so disgusted with George W. Bush, some of it was very justified, but some of it was much exaggerated. Bush got blamed for causing Hurricanes, for crying out loud. Obama effectively tied John McCain to George W. Bush and offered a change. That change, when you get right down to it, is nothing more than returning to the failed and dangerous ideology and governance of Jimmy Carter.

You said, “The viewpoint on issues is not what it used to be.” One example of this not being the case is Tuesday’s passage of (One-Man, One-Woman) Marriage Protection Amendments in California, Florida and Arizona. A great number of the same people (blacks & Hispanics) who cast their votes for Obama, also voted FOR the protection of the only real and legitimate definition of marriage. So at least on is very critical issue, people’s views on the issues are not change.

To me this issue, protecting marriage, in the long-run is even more important that the election of a bad President. We have withstood the affects of bad Presidents before, but never such an assault on basic American values and morality as same-sex marriage . . .

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  1. A return to Jimmy Carter poolicies would be blessing compared to what Obama is going to do. We have survived bad presidents before, but every one of them chipped away at the foundations of our freedoms that we haven't ever recovered.

    Obama will be worse than Bush, who was worse than Clinton, who was worse than the other Bush, who was worse than Reagan, who was worse than Carter...etc.